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Kronoswiss Wooden Flooring latest collection is GRAND SELECTION. GRAND SELECTION MONUMENTAL convinces with elegant beauty of Length 2780 mm Width 244 mm Thickness 14 mm. Based on the Solid, Rustic floor of real wood, the 14 mm GRAND SELECTION ORIGIN resembles the Original so close that even experts hardly can tell the difference. The GRAND SELECTION OAK line offers classical elegance in 10 various colors. Look of Rustic in warm colors for pure harmony and naturalness, this is what GRAND SELECTION WALNUT stands for. The design of the GRAND SELECTION product ranges have a great role model: Natural wood flooring. It looks amazingly similar to this role model too. There's more though: the floors are also an extra special experience as they are haptically wonderful. We only use wood which has grown in sustainable Swiss forests for all our floorings. Meanwhile GRAND SELECTION is available in 23 unique reproductions of the most exciting oak and walnut decors assorted in four product lines and three different plank formats. Literally a grand selection for all the world! Looks and feels like a precious hardwood floor - unrivalled in depth and precision of how the structure meets perfectly with the decor. Produced with the latest technologies as well as the famous Swiss Quality awarness. Produced to strict European Standards. For Healthy living, emissions are the same as you would expect from wood in its natural state. GRAND SELECTION is made of 100% natural materials, mainly wood. This natural product, which according to a recent survey by the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute poses no risk to health. This makes it particularly suitable for young children and pets, who spend a lot of time in contact with the floor. All of this promises top quality and durability. Find out more about the diverse product range at
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